Bereavement Support

HeartKids Queensland includes and welcomes the families and siblings of Heart Angels at all events and activities.


If you would like to talk with our family support team or connect with others who have lost a family member to CHD or if you would like to share the story of your angel and have them remembered on our website we would be honoured.

Please contact:

For your special Heart Angel and in memory of all Heart Angels, HeartKids Queensland has named a real star especially in their honour.

The name given to the star is: HeartKids Heart Angels Flying High.

The date of registration is 14 February which is international CHD awareness day. This information along with the constellation and the coordinates of the star are notated on the certificate of record. The Star name, together with its constellation and coordinates, will be listed alphabetically in the next edition of the compendium ‘Your Place In The Cosmos’. These books are published every four years and registered with the US Copyright Office in Washington DC. Copies are held in ISR’s bank vault in Switzerland and in libraries around the world including Australia.

Generations to come will be able to look up the star named in honour of your Heart Angel  and locate it in the night skies. Your Heart Angel will never be forgotten.

May this star shine brightly, and serve to remind us of Heart Angels flying high forever.