Sofia-Roses Story

Sofia Rose was born healthy but at 2 months of age she went into cardiac arrest and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. The cause of this was unknown.

Sofia Rose’s mum Anita said she was grateful for the support her family received from HeartKids.

“From the moment we landed at Lady Cilento in Brisbane, HeartKids were there to give us the support and strength we needed at the time. They came and visited us daily and had morning tea at times and turned our experience into somewhat a positive, they gave us the strength we needed,” Anita said.

“We were introduced to other families who had a heart kid story to tell of their own and their constant battles. It was comforting to know we were not alone.” Anita said.

Sadly after 4 weeks in Hospital Sofia Rose lost her battle to CHD at 3 months of age.

“I never want another family to suffer what we have suffered or ride the emotional roller-coaster,” Anita said.