Research Projects

HeartKids is supported in this funding scheme by HCF Foundation. Our most recent round of funding for Project Grants was completed in early 2011. We have funded the following projects:

2011 Research Projects Grants

Dr Nadine Kasparian
Parental response to fetal or postnatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease and subsequent infant developmental outcomes: A unique test of the fetal programming hypothesis.
Clinical research – $300,000 over 3 years.

Dr Gavin Lambert
Improving long term survival in patients with a single heart ventricle.
Clinical research – $128,332 over 2 years.

Dr Christian Brizard
Autologous cord blood stem cell transplantation to enhance right ventricular function during palliative surgery for hypoplastic left heart syndrome; clinical proof of concept study.
Clinical research and biomedical – $171,668 over 2 years.

Major previous projects that have been funded (2007-2010) include:

  1. Genetic Determinants of Congenital Heart Disease – Ass Prof David Winlaw – Heart Centre for Children – the Children’s Hospital Westmead – $300,000
  2. Clinical study of remote ischaemic preconditioning – Dr Michael Cheung – Dept of Cardiology – Royal Children’s Hospital – $350,000
  3. Project GECHO – Ass Prof Jonanthan Carapetis – Menzies School of Health
  4. Cardiomyopathy Study – Prof Rob Weintraub – Royal Children’s Hosptial
  5. The White Paper: Childhood Heart Disease in Australia – Current Practices and Future needs – Professor Sandra Leggat, La Trobe University. Click here to read